a short story.

Hi there, my name is Honey. Well, I wish my name was Honey. Whatever. I've been painting some dreams lately, futuredreams. I live in an apartment with three rooms. Two for me, and one for love. Or, the third room is really what most people call the living room.

Music is one of my biggest interest. How can you go through one single day without hearing just a little bit of music? It's everywhere. The beat, the rhythm... Music and movies - love and music. Romeo and Juliet - all the love is making me dizzy, how Romeo felt for Juliet, or what Jack felt for Rose.  We surround ourselves with love every day, we listen to the music we adore...

Back to my apartment. It's kinda small. It mostly just contains clothes, stuff and a bed. It's the same thing with the love room. In the living room I have my favourite photographies, colours I like. You see, things that make me happy are the things I put together, in harmony.

Love is all we have to live for. Love is what makes our soul, love is what fills us and love is what’s in my livingroom. 'the you and me room...'


sv; tackar hördedu :) ja, jag håller med! supersnyggt till en svart klänning! kram

2010-04-27 @ 22:37:08
URL: http://angelicablick.se
Postat av: Mian

bra blogg.

2010-04-28 @ 13:03:52
Postat av: Sandra

skön blogg.

2010-04-29 @ 09:07:52
Postat av: mia S

fin blogg

2010-05-03 @ 09:18:19

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