When was life ever truly ours?

When was life ever truly ours? When are we ever what we are? Life is never truly ours - it always belongs to the others. Life is no one's - we all are life - the others that we all are. When I am - I am another. My acts are more mine when they are the acts of others. I must leave myself, search for myself - in the others - the others that don’t exist

Octavio Paz

If everyone would look for that uniqueness then we would have a very colorful world.

Bec Winnel

day's of war - nights of love

Poetry comes and goes
between what is, and what is not
It weaves and unweaves reflections
Eyes speak,
words look,
looks think
To hear thoughts,
see what we say
touch the body of an idea
Eyes close,
the words open.

Octavio Paz

When your'e mind's made up

Jag är en sådan som alltid är mitt emellan.
Tycker antingen om så mycket att det gör ont, eller så tycker jag så illa om, att det gör ont ändå. En sådan som alltid befinner sig mitt emellan kan tyckas ha svårt för att ta egna beslut, oförmögen att röra sig som den fria fågeln. Kanske är jag låst innanför någon slags glasdörr som snart kommer att krossas, men måste man alltid tro på himmel eller helvete, kan man inte få vara en sådan som bara är?


Sometimes I want to see the world in different ways.

Sometimes I want to see poetry from daily life

and hear the song from ordinary noise.

wise women knows.

A wise women knows when to move on and leave beauty behind
- I'm not always wise.

In the middle of it

Special friends.

Feel's like I have things to say

Det är jag nu
Som gäller
Mitt liv som levs
I era ögonvrår

Varje dag som går - går som de alltid har gjort
sådär med längtan i hörnen, du vet
Jag, han, hon, livet
Jag vill se
utanför nattens drömmar
Visa mig - vem jag vågar vara

night's fading away - I'm falling with...

a feeling.

Allt känns skönt.
Eller allt som ska kännas - känns bra
Saker faller på plats - även fast man knappt rör sig...

streets of me

I walk through the streets of myself
under an ageless sun, and by my side
you fly like a thousand birds

pinky winky

a view

Mixing cute dresses with poetic backgrounds
Close-ups to blurred
c o n t r a s t s
feel free to do
feel free to be

In a dream you're still there - but I can't describe your face.

L.A Gigolo

Ashton Kutcher & Margarita Levieva

I remember that one day I grew up, I became colored and suddenly I was here.

A presentation would surely be interesting, if not to test my own memory. But it feels a bit weird to push forward a story about my own life. Really, I remember that one day I grew up, I became colored and suddenly I was here. The light outside reminds me. Somehow I’ve felt like this since I first opened my eyes and collided with the morning light.

My writing is lying as a background in everything I do.  But recently I noticed that words disappears – they’re walking through me and they’re coming out – into Nowhere land. But the rules are really simple – I need someone to write to, someone who responds with whispering thoughts…

I´ll learn to ignore.

Skulle kunna skriva om en hel värld. Sen kommer ärligheten - och jag blir rädd. Rädd för uppmärksamheten - rädd för mitt smygande. Medan söker jag efter spår som någon lovade att lämna efter sig. Letar efter platsen jag känt men inte sett. Det kreativa – hemliga – ärliga. Öppenheten. Jag ligger här, med fötterna dansandes mot taket och håret flängande. Rufsig. Ivrig och trött på samma gång. Dans – sömn – liv – och blickar.  Alla är vi där och slåss, the big famous war. Smekningar – rörelser –varma ögon – elektricitet – stötar. Minns hur något var – hur det känns idag, fast på ett annat sätt. Vi lever i verkligheten – och drömmarna växer bredvid – som hemligheter. Inget har ändrats - men allt är annorlunda. Jag är – men leker något annat – kryper in i rollen – trivs. I try to be carefree - they don't let me. I try to be relaxed - they tense me. Förtvivlan bortom horisonten - långt kvar till solen - min hand i din.

Vi lever

Mitt i sagan.
Över den eldiga himlen flyger fria svalor

Clowner i träden
Kämpar mot vindslagen

Vi speglar oss
Och vi dör.

My heart, still beats, for you

Hard to believe how people move
Falling out of love with you
Tearing down all the walls and love, the chaos

Thought again, of driving by, the place we meet
You and I, where it started, how we lived, together always

My heart, still beats, for you
My heart, still beats, for you
After all, it's always you

Anna Ternheim

think like one, act like one

Within your poems

the room of my heart expands

with the universe

my waiting.

By Bec, edited by me

I can be your editor, if you wanna, wanna

Illustrated by Bec Winnel, edited by me


Gisele Bundchen - illustrated by Bec Winnel,
edited by me

in the happy happy happyland

I've got sunshine in my future

Yey Yey Yey! I have now booked the Thailand trip.
Finally! Three weeks of sunshine in March with my sister. This feeling - to long for something. I love it!

Pics by me

Home sweet home...


that's right oh yeah

I am not young enough to know everything"

Title qoute: Oscar Wilde

making someone smile – you just hit two birds with one stone - because making her smile just made your day.

Mia Overgaard

laughter is the greatest cure of all

Sabina Pieper


heading home, yeah

Heading home for Christmas. Coosy times are coming!
Free for some days, and a new year is only a few days
away. When I'm back in Stockholm again, I'll turn 25.
My lord how big I am. I'm a grown woman, almost a lady.
Farewell Childhood, good day Ladytown!

"death is not the opposite of life - but a part of it."

what have I done?

You are my everything
My head, my heart, mind, my wing
I could give all again
I'm never sure
of anyything
with you

The jokes the laughs the teardrops too
The games the fun the travels too
Yes I won't do them all with you
All good things now come from you

I hope you feel the way I do
I hope you give yourself up too
I'm damned to feel the way I do
What have I done
to fall so hard
for you?

/Anna Ternheim

See through.



Jag vill vara överallt - där du stannar - och dit du flyr.

Jag vill hålla din hand – alltid - i nattskenet - veta att den finns, om jag skulle behöva. Jag har viskat om mina drömmar, du viskade tillbaka, och vi flöt samman.

Vi är olika, vi har växt upp olika världar, och vi växer inte i varandras kroppar - så länge vi är tillsammans kommer synsätten vara olika.

Vi finns, på riktigt. Inte som ett vi, inte som ett dom, ett oss, utan vi bara finns.

Ensamheten syntes, min längtan är genomskinlig - för vem som helst att se.

Att ligga nära dig då, mitt i mitt rop på känslor, då kändes det verkligt, därför gav jag dig dina två chanser, och du gav mig dig. Ditt jag.

Det finns inga vindar som får oss att stanna. Men jag fryser, det är inte ditt fel, det är nog inte du som är kall, det är vindarna som påverkar oss.

Skatorna tittar på  mig och ger sig av, kvar står jag stark och öm, på samma gång.

Längtan efter skedande kroppar och själar som lägger sig för att sova, med kropparna. ALLTID.




"never go to bed mad - stay up and fight."

"sometimes you have to pick the gun up - to put the gun down"


I can't explain myself at all - all the wants - all the needs - all I don't want to need at all...

I can't explain myself at all - all the wants - all the needs - all I don't want to need at all I can't explain myself at all - all the wants - all the needs - all I don't want to need at all I can't explain myself at all - all the wants - all the needs - all I don't want to need at all. I can't explain myself at all all the wants - all the needs. all I don't want to need at all.



När jag känner
finns jag
när jag finns
känns det

there's a drawback in - living for the moment

Pic: Zoe Bradley

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything."

Title qoute: Mark Twain

"Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid only of standing still."

Pics: Ian Francis

Me today;

You know I was sent for that morning - or maybe it just was the night that threw me out?


"Everything you can imagine is real."

Title qoute: Pablo Picasso

What happened to the beautiful world?

I'm back.
that anxiety country where you never ever want to be in. When I went home yesterday from an enjoyable evening with my friend Linda, I made a phonecall because sometimes it feels safe to talk to someone at
Well, then a man took my phone (while I was still talking) and
ran away. So I stand there - empty motionless and without mobile. Cried like a baby. Text messages, which disappears into nowhere land. I really hope he's happy now - that man - when he sits with a locked mobile which he can't do a thing with. What happened to the beautiful world? Anyhow, I have ordered a white iphone with a pink silicone case. OH YEAH.


cry with me today, you're my best friend and I love you

Skickar en tanke till alla er...

Som gråter med mig, när jag gråter
Som ler med mig, när jag ler
Som älskar mig, som jag älskar tillbaka...

every day is saturday - and every month is june

Pic: Sabine Pieper

around me.

snowflakes. lipstick. dresses. stilettos. words.
hot showers. (& falling into bed after them.)
fashion. red nails. staying up late. making stories.
making friends. smiling. hearts. compliments. the sun
sound of rain. being absurdly silly. sitting in parks.
watching people. lyrics. wine. dreams. fantasies.
my wonderful friends. hot tea. writing. beautiful
photos. kisses. naps. a perfect breeze. unexpected
things. old friends. spoon sleeping. messages. DREAMS.



y way is your way Your way is mine My way is your way Your way is mine

It's strange how time plays God sometimes - I'm losing a morning Every time you're not there

Title qoute: Sophie Zelmani

a question or not a question?

Am I to serious or maybe not serious enough?
Are my words incomplete or maybe just to sweet?
Is my love simply to strong in a world where love is inconveniate?
Do I care to much?
Am I to small or should I grow some more?
Do I try to much or not enough?

careful my love - slowly now - lean on me - we can die tomorrow - or live forever

lost in your embrace

Minutes pass
Becomes hours
Hours lost in your eyes
Lost in your embrace
Hours away from you
Hours we have to make up for...

The first snowflake falls to the ground and suddenly you are gone

I stand motionless
You are the snow on my lips
the freezing taste that heats...

How did it get so late so soon?

How did it get so late so soon?
It's night before it's afternoon.
December is here before it's June.
My goodness how the time has flown.
How did it get so late so soon?

Dr Seuss

"you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."

Pic: Kelly Smith

"everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it."

Pic: Kelly Smith

backward time of retro imagery.

Photos by: Alex Prager's


If your house was on fire and you could only grab three things,
what would they be?
My boyfriend, my computer, and some favourite clothes.

What you wouldn't grab:
My fear of (every)thing(s).

hello & welcome! emma's my name. sweden is my home country, but my soul is out there, wherever the world is.

they told me there´re no fairytales left for me to see - but I've got this huge longing going on...

and if you'd knock on my door - I would probably invite you in - for a hot smoking cup of tea

Pic: Stina Persson

It comes from somewhere - to someone it belongs - how many days - how many nights - what will we do - to treat them right

Pic: Jacon Magraw

"Despite these silent mysteries and certain violent cuts - there is a chance for future histories 'bout us"

Despite these silent mysteries and certain violent cuts
There is a chance for future histories 'bout us
Despite these silent mysteries and certain violent cuts
There is a chance for future histories 'bout us

I know that you're watching me closely
I know you see right through me
So tell me what makes you excited
Is this the way you want it to be?

Despite these silent mysteries and certain violent cuts
There is a chance for future histories 'bout us
Despite these silent mysteries and certain violent cuts
There is a chance for future histories 'bout us

Only for you - Jay Jay Johanson

too much of not enough

how different.

Sit down by my table
I'll let you sit lonely
If you've got a question
You are free to ask

Sit down by the table
Drink the wine
That's been aging
Lose your head into something
I'll be quiet
Like an old friend

Sophie Zelmani

"you ain't travelling in the summer - like you travel in the night - your meeting with the morning - is not like leaving the sunset light"



Baby, there's nothing wrong
You'll find out who's the feeling
Confuses to be whole
But not strong
About those things
You'll be dreaming

You ain't travelling in the summer
Like you travel in the night
Your meeting with the morning
Is not like leaving the sunset light

Sophie Zelmani, Travelling

I hear voices in my head. if you're thinking "I don't hear any voices" - then THAT'S THE VOICE

Title qoute: Per Lange

maybe life's not cool with it - maybe life just ain't done with you

Pic: Wolfgang Joop

and what comes after chaos - has to be cosmos


mind speaker.

And words in
your world on mine
just wondered
and wandered off
and away
but still those
words left to say
Good night my moon
Good bye my soul

sometimes we need a pang of pain and misery within our lives - it gives us something to write about.

"expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power - and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes - you are free."

Title qoute: Jim Morrison

"Everything just blows me away."

Pic by: Ben Tour
Title qoute: Haruki Murakami




"Are you a lucky little lady in the City of Light? Or just another lost angel - City of Night?

Title qoute: Jim Morrison

"I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music."

Title qoute: Albert Einstein

"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."

"If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy - the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world."

Title qoute: C.S. Lewis

Kelly Smith

in all this chaos - we found safety

Francoise Nielly.

Pics: Francoise Nielly

all I want is to rock your soul - all I want is to rock your soul

The more I think, the less I see
when I'm able to walk
I'm queen of my world
I let it rain on my skin
The more I think, the less I do
when I'm able to talk
I'm queen of my world
I let it rain on my skin
I don't ask myself why
I don't ask myself why

and all I want is to rock your soul
all I want is to rock your soul
all I want is to rock your soul

I feel closer to the clouds
I'm touching all the highest leaves
on top of the trees
It's my desire's release
we let it rain on our skin
you're holding my hand
I'm holding your life
'n I feel like I'm one with you

and all I want is to rock your soul
all I want is to rock your soul
all I want is to rock your soul

Lyrics; Elisa


If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution."

Pic: Christina Drejenstam



"If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy - the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world."

Pic: Alice Shulman

"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading - you can only think what everyone else is thinking."

title qoute: Haruki Murakami

just like lace - pretty as you are - I can see right through you.

I think you're perfect - every wrinkle - every minute - every day - every where - every way. I think you're perfect - every wrinkle - every minute - every day - every where - every way.

Pic: Alex Asher



"Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts - and you are the slave to your emotions."


 Title qoute: Elizabeth Gilbert

I cried and it started to rain - the clouds felt my sorrow.


Inhale. Breathe. Break loose. I'm on my way. To something new. Itching all over, mosquito bites, anxiety, wonderings. I'm thinking of the sunrise, the success, the future. Standing in the sand, making marks, remember. Glimpses of a story, I never wrote. A story without an end. I get dizzy of all words that don't really exist, so I create in secret, and whisper them into the night. Windy hair, starry nights. Feeling calm, while raindrops drawing lines along my cheeks. My walls keep no secrets anymore. I steal the night's unwritten rules and call them my own. Daily rhythm. Weekdays. I follow the road until it ends. Suspicious minds.

Samara York

has slipped away from me
and all that I've got left are these fever dreams
and when the day's get colder
and when we all grow older
will the world still be so cloudy to me?


do you remember - when you said you'd never forget this?

floating minds...

a silent walk home
with an illusion


two in separate places
fantasy rain over

blended minds
become together
a reason

let´s get inside
to the neverending white lights
speed of moon

take my hand, he says
embraced by his lips
we were floating

years of bottomless longing
becomes a future
I’ll likely miss

little by little
becoming a piece
love fusion


“I’ve been thinking too much about you, I’ve been staring at the floor,
I’ve listened to all the tunes I love, but made me feel quite blue,
constantly thinking about you”

your thoughts speak much louder - than I should hear.

"Life isn't about finding yourself - Life is about creating yourself"

Title qoute: George Bernard Shaw

try to hear - what I'm not saying

“I tell you everything that is really nothing,
and nothing of what is everything,
do not be fooled by what I am saying.
Please listen carefully and try to hear,
what I am not saying. ” 

Title qoute; Charles C. Finn

ye ye y'all

If I fail to conjure words of my own then I find the works of others
- to express my mind. Hello & welcome! Emma's my name. Sweden
is my home country, but my soul is out there, wherever the world is.
Let's just say this blog is an eclective collection of emotions.

I’m saving all my secrets for a deaf man.

Pic: Erika Somogyi

eyes wide open - I’m dreaming

Pic: Daisy Fletcher

I am writing a story. A perfect story. Lazy hazy summer days and everyone is peachy, happy, dancing...

Pic; Sarah Spitler

All we need is the softening, strengthening, purity of love

Are you free?

Pic; Stina Persson

Are you free? Do you feel free? Where do you believe freedom is found?
Do you think freedom is available to all; are we born with it,
or must we find it? If there is a physical place you feel exceptionally
free in, what about that place makes you feel free?

I feel as if I drift - in a suspension of sleep

Pic: Antony Micallef

The moment is surreal, I feel as if I drift, in a suspension of sleep,
on my way of awakening, to see with tired eyes that life has the same
familiar rhythm, as it did before. My eyes are open though, and I'm
about to leave behind all I've ever kept, all I've ever known...

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