in the middle of it.

I am writing a story. I know my characters. You know those stories where everything is just perfect. Lazy hazy summer days and everyone is peachy, happy, dancing. So happy they don't even see the clouds and oh you just wish you were there with them, in that time and place. You know about the storm, you know it all has to end, you know it, but they don't. How do you fix it, when it's always about a beginning, a middle, and an end?

I sometimes wonder what would happen if the storm never would come. Would we wait forever? But if we waited everytime a storm was coming, would we really ever do anything at all? I want to write things that make people feel - relief - alleviation - ease. I wish to find a way. All we need is the softening, strengthening, love, so when I start writing I go on forever and ever, with no end...

Postat av: Emelie Elisabeth

Ja, de är jättefina!

2010-04-20 @ 17:20:51
Postat av: Alexandra

SV: kul att du hittade till min blogg, hoppas du får en bra dag! :)

2010-04-20 @ 18:09:02
Postat av: Linnea

fin blogg!

2010-04-21 @ 08:39:24
Postat av: sofie

gillar bloggen!

2010-04-21 @ 10:00:11
Postat av: Christina (lookbook)

i like your blog!

2010-04-21 @ 15:02:18

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