the dreams are not bigger than the dreamer.

For much of my life, I took my dreams away from myself. I live in a city I really love, my friends and family are near, so I can’t say that my dreams in my life havn’t come true. However, I decided that to dream too big wasn’t very realistic. To focus on those big dreams didn’t pay the rent, or get me to work on time.

My dreams, are not bigger than my life. They are meant for me to go forward and to fulfill them. And to do that, is not selfish. It does not mean we care only for ourselves and no one else. It shows that we love ourselves. I have no idea what my biggest dreams are going to look like in detail; the parts that I do see, the people, ones that I have deep conversations with, that I’m hugging, that I’m laughing with.   That dream, and all that comes with it, is no bigger than I am, and that means, it is within my reach.



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